Finding My Niche…

You ever just been sitting around wondering what your future would be like if you chose one path over the other? If you would’ve picked the other path would it be the same destination but a different route or would it be a completely different future all together? I’ve done that a few times wondering if I would’ve just took a few more minutes to think before I acted, maybe it would’ve made a different maybe not.I stop pursuing college after I had my daughter Skylar because like some of the general population I couldn’t juggle 2-3 jobs, a baby and school especially being a new mommy. It was truly stressful and I felt like the money wasn’t adding up with the time I was consistently putting in and on top of being stressed out I was being taking away from the little moments of my daughter and wasn’t happen. Was it worth it? Since becoming a mother the experience has been amazing and terrifying at the same time. I’ve had help from friends and family. So here I am at 25 trying to find my niche(name) and my purpose in life. Is it working 2 or 3 jobs to support my daughter or is it going back to school to finish my degree and pursing a job I love doing until my daughter is grown and through school. In finding my Niche, I’ll express myself in blogging and video blogging my journey. I’ll also post about local business and artists because the only way to make it in life is supporting one another. Hopefully this will be inspirational to someone out there wondering the same.