Why not me?


fairy tale


Over the years I never thought much about marriage or walking down the stupid aisle but lately it’s like I was bitten by the marriage bug as ridicules as that sound because it’s all I’ve been thinking about. Is my biological clock ticking for marriage as opposed to babies? I’ve also notice lately that a lot of my old classmates are married or engaged and that posed a serious question… 

WHY NOT ME? Is there something wrong with me? Is the universe telling me I will be single for the rest of my life? Maybe I missed one to many opportunities in my past that it’s practically impossible to make such thing as a goal! I’d like to blame it on this BAD LUCK the women in my family has that I no lie  chalked it up to THE FAMILY CURSE but that just sounds crazy. I imagine I’m charming, smart, attractive, caring, you know like most guys look for in a wife.  

I guess what it all comes down to is finding that stupid marriage bug and crushing it for biting me in the first place and having my mind wander.

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